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Toyota has a long history of making reliable cars that last years and through multiple owners. If you’re shopping for an affordable model, you’re in luck. There are many options to choose from both new and used. Here’s everything you need to know about the cheapest model and how to shop for a Toyota.

What is Toyota’s cheapest car?

The Toyota Corolla has been a top bestselling car in the world for 12 generations of the car. It’s not only an inexpensive choice, but also a safe one. The Corolla also has easy maintenance and equally great resale value. There are several different variations of the Corolla to best suit your needs. Also to keep in mind that the prices for these different options vary, and the least expensive version is the 2022 Corolla L sedan.

Cheapest Toyota car 2021

The Yaris sedan was Toyota’s least expensive new car, but Toyota announced that the entire Yaris line was discontinued as of the 2021 model.

Toyota’s Fuel-Efficient Cars

Buying a new car is a big decision. These days, choosing a car is more than just finding the capabilities you need and the styles you prefer. Limiting one’s carbon footprint is now a priority for all manner of vehicle enthusiasts from soccer moms to sports car junkies. Yes, the demand for fuel-efficient vehicles is reaching new heights. The question is, how do you find the most fuel-efficient car, while also finding one that fits your lifestyle?

These fuel-efficient cars will get you where you need to go while saving on gas. With impressive EPA-estimated mileage ratings, the best in safety features, and stylish exteriors, these options are sure to please.

Toyota Camry Hybrid

This fuel-efficient car is more than just a gas saver. It provides a thrilling ride with Sport mode, available sun roof, and the media app options you might want.

Toyota Prius

This fuel-efficient car will get you there, rain or shine. With available electronic all-wheel drive up to 43 mph, updated tech, and all the media hook-ups you need, it takes your commute from boring to exciting.

Toyota Yaris

Do you want a car that lets you have total control? Then consider the Toyota Yaris. The Yaris not only has a stylish and sporty exterior, but its performance is top-notch. If you choose a 2020 Yaris L 6-speed manual transmission, the EPA-estimated MPG rating is 39 highways and 30 cities. If you choose the 2020 Yaris L 6-speed automatic transmission, the EPA-estimated MPG rating is 40 highways and 32 cities.



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